Finding the Money

As the designers work, I need to figure out a sound financial foundation for the Kitchen. Small projects are more difficult to fund, since they have fees to professionals– lawyers, architects, engineers, accountants– that are the same whether your building is big or small.

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Chefs, Chefs, and More Chefs!

As we continue to refine the kitchen design, I make the rounds with our floor plan to see how it looks to the people that would work in the space. Tara Lane, former pastry chef of Blackbird is an amazing woman and friend and talented pastry chef. She has so much experience and insight, and I’ll be forever grateful for her generosity.

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Kitchen Floor Plan First

The first order of business is to design a layout of the kitchen. Jeff Carlin of Trimark USA and I begin work with the help of Jack Ponzetti, the engineer that makes our little boxes on paper into grown-up mechanical drawings that the rest of the team can use.

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Building A Sustainable Building

My New Year begins with an introduction to LEED, which stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.” It’s a government certification that stamps a construction project as green. There’s so much ‘green’ that’s not genuine, that I want the Logan Square Kitchen to stand out as a building committed to sustainability from the start. Anyone can say something is green, but I want us to hold us accountable to our community.

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Design Process Begins

We have our first design team meeting. It’s very rewarding to see everyone around the same table for the first time, and while I still have no idea what I’m doing, I know that I can trust each one of these people, that we have a team of such strong character, we’re well equipped to meet any challenge.

To start, the building gets measured– every inch of it! It takes a few days, and then every dimension of the entire building is loaded into a computer program to provide ‘as-built- drawings. This is the starting canvass for all the architects and engineers.

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Finally! Design Team in Place

I gave myself one month to find the design team, and it only took three! There have been many sleepless nights, and days and days where I felt like I just kept kissing frogs. Now I feel like it’s all been worth the wait. As I would whine to my brother Tom, the banker in the family about how long it was taking, he would say, “I wouldn’t worry too much about it; you can’t make a bigger mistake.” He was soooo right; I feel great about the team I’ve assembled, and it was challenging to find people who had experience with green buildings, kitchens, and renovations of older buildings.

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Step One: Finding a Design Team

Now that we own the building, I’ve created a timeline to design and build the Kitchen. I’m giving myself a month to find an architect and any engineers I may need. I’m hopeful that we’ll start construction in January, and open in the spring. I’m trying to remember that when man makes plans, God laughs…

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Nothing but Potential

Today, we took possession of 2333 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square. One phrase everyone utters when they see the building is, “boy, it’s sure loaded with potential!” Which is a kind way of saying, “you’ve got a ton of work to do!”

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