HACCP may sound intimidating to you or your staff– but it doesn’t have to be.  LSK provides practical, understandable support– so you’re confident and successful in implementing HACCP plans.  You can see 2-day Course Curricula HERE.

FAQs on Public HACCP class are here. (where, when, coffee, parking…)

Want info on LSK HACCP services and fees? Click here for Reduced-Oxygen Packaging PDF

Private HACCP Course

  • Private classes:  $395 per student, 8-student minimum (9am-4pm each day), provides hands-on working groups
  • Larger groups: $3,000 for up to 20 students
  • Course completion includes certificate with seal of International HACCP Alliance
  • Can be taught at client’s location, or in LSK-provided classroom in Old Town
  • HACCP Plan – Writing, Submission, Approval

    HACCP Plan Writing and Submission to Regulatory Authority – Price varies with your custom plans. Included:

    • Identify preliminary tasks and required prerequisite programs
    • Facility SOP (standard operating procedures) for sanitation
    • Additional SOP’s as needed as needed or required
    • Writing of HACCP plan (electronic and hard copies delivered)
    • Application submission and Q&A responses to regulatory authority
    • On-site training & support during first 30 days of implementation

    HACCP is a food safety management system that is required for specific types of food processors.  If you cook sous vide, use vacuum packaging, cure meat, pickle, preserve, or produce dairy products for wholesale, HACCP plans are required. The Food Safety Modernization Act requires the principles of HACCP for all food businesses in USA over the next few years.  Big food companies had to be compliant by fall 2016.

    Have you conducted an annual review of your HACCP plans?  It’s required, call me for an assessment.

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