Envision Foods
1801 N Spaulding, Chicago, IL 60647
Jason Whitner, 773-537-1619, jwhitner@envisionunlimited.org

Kitchen Chicago
324 N Leavitt, 2nd Floor
Gabi Dorsch, 312-455-0863, info@kitchenchicago.com

River Forest Kitchen
349 Ashland Ave, River Forest, IL  60305
Cheryl Munoz, 773.988.6205, cheryl@sugarbeetschoolhouse.org

City of Chicago, Shared Kitchen Licenses Explained HERE 

Operating a Shared Kitchen? You’re required to register your facility with FDA. 

More shared kitchens can be found on the City of Chicago Business License Look-Up. Search for ‘Shared Kitchen – Operator’ or ‘Shared Kitchen Supplemental’ in the search field in upper right corner.

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