Over the past 15 years, LSK has supported scores of small food businesses in nearly every category. As a past operator of a shared kitchen, Zina’s got first-hand experience of risk, economics, priorities and success factors.  Fee is $200 per hour. You can schedule an appointment here, or call with any questions: 773-550-9642.  Examples of services detailed below; I hope I can be of service.

Licensing Guidance

How and when you apply for required food licenses has become a strategic step in your business decision-making. Getting guidance before you speak with regulators will save you time, money and hours of sleep. Regulatory enforcement and priorities are always changing, so how and when you apply is critical.

Gen’l Food Biz Consulting

Building/site/facility evaluation
Facility remodels/retrofits
Practice Health Inspections
Licensing, Chicago, State of Illinois
Label Reviews
Health Code Regulations
Food Safety Procedures/SOP’s
Business Development/Financial Modeling
Specialized training

Food Safety & Regulatory Compliance

Trained and certified at all levels of food governance, Zina Murray navigates oversight and approvals with FDA, USDA, State, County and City health code regulators anywhere in the US.

If you need help with writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Logan Square Kitchen provides written, editable SOP’s. Price varies depending on complexity. Provide your logo and your document will be customized to your business.

If you are subject to FSMA regulations it’s required a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual –PCQI—trained team member oversee the writing of your Food Safety Plan, Zina Murray serves in this capacity for firms. Annual fee may apply.

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