IL LAW: Restaurants must post THIS SIGN alerting patrons to communicate food allergies to staff. CDPH add’l info HERE.
Enforcement commenced 7-1-2020.

City of Chicago requires all Food Safety Managers in Category I facilities (read: restaurant, hotels, caterers) to have Food Allergen Training, per Chicago Rules and Regulations 2-102.13.

Outside the City of Chicago, in Illinois, all Food Safety Managers only in restaurants to complete Allergen Awareness Training. ONLY Food MANAGERS, ONLY in RESTAURANTS. OPEN to State of Illinois Health Dept to see confirmation of who needs this training, and who does not.

Effective July 26, 2019, the State of Illinois amended its regulations to declare sesame as an allergen. This is in addition to the federal law that mandates eight allergens that must be declared on labels: Milk, egg, wheat, soy, fish, crustacea, peanuts and tree nuts.

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