There are days when you don’t know if you run the place, or the place runs you. Here are some terrific people I recommend.

Ansul- Fire Protection: Action Fire Equipment: Steven Vincent, 708.339.1044,

Composting: WasteNot Compost: homes, businesses and events,

Composting: Collective Resource, 847.733.7665,

Equipment Repair: Rescor (appliances, dishwashers, reach-in coolers) Craig Sedivy, 708.352.3155,

HVAC, Walk-ins: Elm Heating & Cooling: Greg Thompson, 708-856-8101,

Ice Machines: Empire Cooler, 888.461.2478, Email HERE

Insurance: (esp. Shared Kitchen/trucks) Lakeview Insurance Agency, Andrew Allan, 773.871.8000, x3408,

Pest Control: Smithereen, Matt Kluger, 630.688.9645,

Sign Painter: Finer Signs, Shelby Rodeffer, 619-714-3979,

Temp Data Loggers: Dickson, Alisa Helstad, 630-563-4246,

Used+New Equipment, especially Hobart Mixers: RAH Equipment, Robert, 847.740.1776,

Zina’s favorite Vomit-Diarreah Clean up Kit

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