Food Safety Training & Certifications

FDA & 3rd Party Audit
SQF Systems, Version 8.1, NSF, Chicago (September 2019)
FSMA Preventive Controls Qualified individual – FSPCA, Chicago, IL (February 2017)

HACCP Advanced Verification & Validation , NSF (May 2023)
HACCP in Meat and Poultry Plants, University of Wisconsin/Madison (August 2022)
HACCP for Fermented Foods, MDARD/MRLA, Lansing, MI (February 2019)
HACCP for Reduced-Oxygen Packaging, Chicago, IL (December 2018)
FDA Juice HACCP, Cornell University (September 2017)
FDA Process Control School – University of Nebraska Lincoln (September 2016)
HACCP Training for Processors – NSF, Cleveland, OH (May 2016)
HACCP Lead Instructor – International HACCP Alliance, GMA HQ’s, Washington DC (October 2015)
HACCP for Seafood – – Chicago, IL (July 2014)

On-Farm Readiness Review Workshop, FDA, Chicago, IL (June 2019)
Developing Farm Food Safety Plan, Land Connection/Uof I Extension, Champaign, IL (November 2018)
Final Produce Safety Rule, Lead Instructor, Produce Safety Alliance – application pending
Final Produce Safety Rule,  Produce Safety Alliance Train-the-Trainer, Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture (November 2017)

Food Service Sanitation Manager Instructor & Exam Proctor – City of Chicago & State of Illinois (thru 2022)
ServSafe & Prometric Instructor & Exam Proctor
FDA Special Process Variances, MDARD/MRLA, Birmingham, MI (April 2019)
FDA Special Process, Culinary Labs, MDARD/MRLA, Grand Rapids, MI (Aug 2019)

Organization & Memberships
Women Business Enterprise National Council
Federation of Women Contractors
Produce Safety Alliance

Niche Meat Processors Assistance Network
Dill Pickle Food Coop – Owner #146
Sugar Beet Food Coop
Chicago Market Food Coop

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