Our new Website is here!

Thanks to the fabulous gentlemen at House of Pretty, the new logansquarekitchen.com debuted this past week. This long overdue overhaul gives food professionals more resources at their fingertips– and phones!  Our old site was not mobile-friendly, but this one is.  Here are some of the other new benefits: Resources : quick links to food industry regulations, as […]

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Why can’t a gun be like a car?

ALERT: this is way off topic for my little blog about my little food business in Chicago.  But I have to get this out of my head.

Politically, I’m a solutionist.  I know lots of our problems are very complicated, but guns don’t seem like a complicated problem to me.  And I keep thinking, I can’t be smarter than anyone else…

What if a gun were like a car?

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