Design Process Begins

We have our first design team meeting. It’s very rewarding to see everyone around the same table for the first time, and while I still have no idea what I’m doing, I know that I can trust each one of these people, that we have a team of such strong character, we’re well equipped to meet any challenge.

To start, the building gets measured– every inch of it! It takes a few days, and then every dimension of the entire building is loaded into a computer program to provide ‘as-built- drawings. This is the starting canvass for all the architects and engineers.

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Finally! Design Team in Place

I gave myself one month to find the design team, and it only took three! There have been many sleepless nights, and days and days where I felt like I just kept kissing frogs. Now I feel like it’s all been worth the wait. As I would whine to my brother Tom, the banker in the family about how long it was taking, he would say, “I wouldn’t worry too much about it; you can’t make a bigger mistake.” He was soooo right; I feel great about the team I’ve assembled, and it was challenging to find people who had experience with green buildings, kitchens, and renovations of older buildings.

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