Good news, Bad news

LSK appearance in Administrative Hearings yesterday resulted in a finding of ‘not liable’–  so no fine.  Note the court does not find you ‘innocent’.  There is no right or wrong in administrative hearings, only liable or not liable.  It acts like a court, but when I requested the Judge order CDPH to issue a new, clean inspection report, her response was, "I can’t do that." Whaaaa?  A court with no remedy?

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LSK in Court Today fighting baseless violations

Logan Square Kitchen will be appearing at the Administrative Hearings Building, 400 W. Superior St., Room 107 at 1pm today in response to a Health Dept violation issued August 2, 2011.  Here’s our submission to the City of Chicago Law Dept. and Administrative Hearings Judge. 

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Chicago Health Dept. – LSK is officially FED UP

LSK has been inspected 19 times in 2 years.  Law requires two a year.  We’ve been inspected five times more frequently.  We’re off to court this Thursday, August 25th to contest a $500 ticket for a groundless violation that we view as retaliation for questioning a Health Dept. supervisor’s decisions.  We are officially FED UP. Here’s a document that details our most recent experience.  Want to help?

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