LSK appearance in Administrative Hearings yesterday resulted in a finding of ‘not liable’–  so no fine.  Note the court does not find you ‘innocent’.  There is no right or wrong in administrative hearings, only liable or not liable.  It acts like a court, but when I requested the Judge order CDPH to issue a new, clean inspection report, her response was, "I can’t do that." Whaaaa?  A court with no remedy?

So the ‘court’ in Administrative Hearings can fine me, find me at fault, or dismiss charges or find me not liable.  But NO remedies are available to me in the Dept. of Administrative Hearings.  I still have an inspection report posted with three groundless violations on it, and every client in a farmer’s market or outdoor festival must submit.  So there’s a meeting/phone call/email every time to explain that, ‘yes I have violations, but they have been corrected.  Yes, I am still open.’  Yada, yada. CPDH, the gift that keeps on giving.

So, LSK is still FED UP.  No remedies available, so we have a petition we ask you to join us in signing.  5 Steps to Transform the Chicago Dept of Public Health.  Simple but not easy. But then, important, visionary things never are.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have a moral imperative to do it.

Please join me and sign our petition today. And pass along. Our goal is to capture at least one signature for each food business in Chicago. That’s 23,000.  I can’t wait to see our food community blow the roof off that number!

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