Zoning Appeal Granted – Unanimously!

Yesterday morning, I was alone in the Logan Square Kitchen when I listened to a voice mail from my attorney.  He was telling me that the Zoning Board of Appeals had unanimously ruled in our favor.  After 14 months of persevering, we  were no longer in danger of losing our business license.  I sat down and cried.

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Gratitude in City Hall

Logan Square Kitchen had a Zoning Board of Appeals hearing last Friday.  It’s been over a year of red tape, and Friday was a magnificent demonstration of what community can do.  I was inspired and grateful to witness the hearing.  About 40 people gave up their morning to sit behind us in support of the Kitchen, and we delivered over 275 letters of support.  It made a huge impression on the Board members, as community members rarely attend, and if they do, it’s in opposition. 

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