Logan Square Kitchen had a Zoning Board of Appeals hearing last Friday.  It’s been over a year of red tape, and Friday was a magnificent demonstration of what community can do.  I was inspired and grateful to witness the hearing.  About 40 people gave up their morning to sit behind us in support of the Kitchen, and we delivered over 275 letters of support.  It made a huge impression on the Board members, as community members rarely attend, and if they do, it’s in opposition. 

We appealed our "use description" — which is the business classification given to us.  We were originally classified as a restaurant, which is the ruling we based our investment upon.  Once we sought licenses to operate, our classification was changed to ‘banquet hall’ which carries requirements we cannot fulfill.

We were well prepard and had overwhelming support.  I am optimistic that we’ll see a positive result. We could not have done it without each and every person that wrote a letter and attended the hearing.  THANK YOU. Your words of encouragement were a tremendous source of strength for me.  Despite this arduous road the past year, I’ll always feel lucky that I’ve been given the chance to build and fight for something that so many believe in.

What happens next?  The Board of Appeals votes in private.  We must gain a majority, in this case 3 of 4 members.  We will be informed of the decision in a couple of weeks via mail.  The Board’s decision is final.  Stay positive, and think good thoughts for us.  The Kitchen is too good an idea to be denied.  I know all the positive energy of everyone is having an effect.

Please accept my heartfelt wishes to everyone this Thanksgiving.

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