Mindful of Construction Miles

One of our attempted LEED credits calls for us to source construction materials regionally– within 500 miles of our Kitchen. On our Community Walk page, we’ve mapped out construction materials including:steel, plumbing, wood, stone, concrete, metal studs, and drywall.

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Construction Booking Along

We’re making good time in the kitchen. Underground plumbing is in, walls have been framed out, and the heavy duty task of hanging black iron duct for hoods is in the works.

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Strengthening Our Local Food Supply

As we build a kitchen to serve food producers and entrepreneurs, I’m seeing the dangerous ground on which our food supply rests in Illinois. We are a state of rich farmland, yet we import 95% of the food we eat, sending our hard-earned money out of state– $48 BILLION annually.

Fortunately we have terrific people hard at work to change this, to transform our food system into a healthy, more secure and more prosperous one.

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Steel Rising

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Construction Continues…

Hello everybody, Lindsay here again.  I wanted to update everyone on LSK’s construction.  I visited the space last friday, and a lot of progress has been made over the last month.  A new concrete floor has been poured into the kitchen space, filling in that giant hole from my previous post.  Also the wall between the front dining room and the kitchen is up.

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