As all the people that feed us every day are under siege, I ask the Food Protection Division of CDPH, and all other State and Local Environmental Health Agencies that oversee our food businesses to institute a few simple steps immediately:

  1. Isolate the critical practices in the code, and instruct field inspectors to narrow its focus to only what is essential.  Then, let industry know your priorities.
  2. Post updates for the food industry adjustments on your web page.
  3. Suspend requirement for a City Food Safety Manager Certificates for balance of 2020; accept ServSafe Certificate or other accredited training company. DO NOT require proof of hours; the training companies aleady did that. Suspend fines for lack of the same.
  4. Suspend all fines for code violations 2020 with exception of imminent health hazards.
  5. Work constructively with operators. So much is unknown in dealing with this pandemic.  Every business is working to take every precaution possible.  Inspectors must be collaborative and constructive.  Let’s share information.
  6. Be supportive of industry.  We all care about food safety, operators and inspectors alike.  We are all on the same team– there is no ‘they’, only ‘us.’
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