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Zina speaks @Block Club Tuesday 7pm

Zina will be speaking about Logan Square Kitchen next week at the North Logan Block Club. The meeting takes place Tuesday, June 30th at 7 pm at St Luke’s Lutheran Church in the assembly hall. 2647 N Francisco @ Schubert

Another door opens...

It's time for all our salvage doors to be put back in service. What fun! All these doors were headed for the landfill, and they are beautiful, turn-of-the-century, oak, maple, pine, dark, light, skinny, fat-- you name it! We are covering the north wall just inside our entrance. This type of feature would never be possible without first, the vision of Jean Dufresne our architect. He saw this wall over a year ago, and has been working on its refinement throughout construction.

Green Kitchen Walls

This week new wall paneling was put up in the kitchen. We used Acrovyn 3000 wall protection in 'ocean gray' which is a light gray-green color. These panels are PVC-free, which means they do not contain a dangerous plastic that is detrimental to our health and environment. Acrovyn 3000 is also LEED Silver Certified, recyclable, and class 1 fire rated.

Breath of Fresh Air

I received a revised schedule from our contractor this week; we are waiting for our very special light fixtures for our dining room. They help us achieve a 35% energy reduction in our lighting use. (they better, they cost enough!) Anyway, we are looking forward to construction completion the latter part of July.

Tile and Stainless up in the Kitchen

Next LEED Certification Phase

We've completed another milestone in our LEED certification process. We've provided all clarification requests made by the review team concerning our design submission. 25 of our 38 credits we're attempting for a LEED Gold rating are related to building design.

Crane Day Video on YouTube

Check out our new video of Crane Day. All of our air units were delivered at the end of May and put on the Logan Square Kitchen rooftop with a giant crane. Watch the video here.

The Nickel Tour

I gave tours to a few different friends yesterday; one was kind enough to snap a shot of me outside the Kitchen. I'm holding a fabric sample of our future theater curtain that will hang in the dining room. I'm so happy to be showing the space to friends that mean so much to me; it's a little overwhelming that after two years, our doors are close to opening!

New Kitchen Floor

Our new kitchen floor was poured last week. The charcoal color is really beautiful with a navy hue to it. The non-slip floor, derived from castor beans, is from a company called Dur-a-flex.

Sunrise on a Kitchen Floor

I think this is a beautiful photo. Our team was preparing the kitchen for its new floor. The floor that is poured over our concrete slab will harden with a pebbled surface. It's made from rapidly renewable materials like castor beans. Can't wait to see the finished floor in a couple of days.
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