Our Food Protection Division of Chicago Dept of Public Health has been busy for the past two years re-writing all ordinances and rules regarding food businesses in Chicago.  The reason? FDA periodically introduces new code, and States and Cities across the country adopt the latest and greatest in food safety.

This overhaul happens in two steps:
1. New Ordinances (laws) are voted in City Council – this happened in November 2017 — can be SEEN HERE.
2. New Rules and Regulations are written by Food Protection Division – which are currently posted for public comment can be SEEN HERE. 

Step One happened without any public input or notice– the way most laws are passed in Chicago. Step Two has a public comment period open now until February 16, 2018.  You can see details on how to submit comments HERE.

Like most things in Chicago, this was done in secret, and presented as a done deal to the public.  Even our elected officials didn’t know about these laws they voted for until a week or so prior to City Council.  Ah, that’s Chicago for you.

I’ll be reviewing and helping clients adjust and prepare for these new changes.  I welcome the opportunity to be of service.

Zina Murray, 773-550-9642

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