During the operation of our shared kitchen, we worked with countless talented food entrepreneurs.  The artistry we saw come to life in our kitchen was amazing.  We continue to support the efforts of Chicago's food entrepreneurs by offering one-on-one consultation.  

For those just starting out, we offer a single consulting session priced at $175 per hour, with a 2-hour minimum.  You send an agenda in advance, and we address all the topics in an in-person meeting (or via conference if you prefer).  You get a follow-up report on resources and follow-up materials after the session.

For longer term projects, LSK will provide a proposal for services once the scope of work is defined.  We work to provide a great value for affordable fees. 

Email zina@logansquarekitchen.com with questions, here is the working list of topics:

  • Site Evaluation
  • Facility Design and Build Out
  • Finance
  • Food Safety-Health Reg Compliance
  • Sales/Business Development
  • Licensing - City and State
  • HACCP Plans

Entreprenership courses is a plan we hope to fulfill at a future date; we'll announce new developments on Facebook and Twitter @logansqkitchen.  

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service.