Chicago Restaurants: New IL Food Safety Law July 1

Two big changes go into effect for restaurants in Illinois on July 1, 2014:

1) Food Safety Managers’ certification goes from a 2-day class to one; renewing students must take one day class and test every five years.

2) ALL Restaurant Food Handlers in a restaurant MUST complete Safe Food Handler training. This means anyone that handles food or food contact surfaces: dishwashers, waitresses, busboys, line cooks, prep cooks– anyone that is not a manager that handles food or food contact surfaces.  

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Help Protect Your Nutrition Choices NOW

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Licensing Hearing for Food Truck Law Today

UPDATE: November 14, 2012, Food Trucks filed suit against City of Chicago challenging the passed ordinance’s constitutionality. Details on HuffPost

Original post, 7/19/12:

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An Orchard Grows in Logan Square

The Chicago Rarities Orchard Project is working to establish a community orchard of rare heirloom fruit trees on public land just south of the Logan Square Monument:

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Nothing but Potential

Today, we took possession of 2333 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square. One phrase everyone utters when they see the building is, “boy, it’s sure loaded with potential!” Which is a kind way of saying, “you’ve got a ton of work to do!”

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