When we announced our closing, so many asked what they could do for LSK.  We’re a small business that’s closing, not uncommon these days.  But if we can take that energy and pay it forward, that’s constructive.  So today, I’m having lunch in Daley Plaza– last I checked, you don’t need a license for that!  You’ll recongnize me from the red tape I’ll be wearing, to remember all the small businesses that have and continue to struggle.

Small Business Memorial Day was a name that popped into my head.  And the red tape idea came from an insightful comment on facebook about wrapping City Hall in red tape.  If you join me today, I hope you’ll seek me out and share what you’ll remember about the Kitchen, what you like best about it.

We’ll also gather at LSK on Sunday, June 17th for a farewell pot luck from 4pm-8pm.  No admission, no reservations, just neighbors enjoying each other and the space, drinking up the last of the booze we have on hand. Hope to see you today, or in a few weeks.

Again, my thanks to everyone that’s walked along side us these past three years.  It’s been a spectacular journey.

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