I don’t think I’ve met anyone who isn’t happy about saying goodbye to 2009.  It was a tough and challenging year.  But no matter how tough times have been, the New Year always feels optimistic to me, full of promise.  

That’s how I felt on this day last year; we were just about to begin construction on Logan Square Kitchen, and after nine months of roadblocks, false starts and stalls, it looked like we would finally begin construction.  One year later, we’re grateful to stand inside an amazing vessel for healing and growth, and at the beginning of our next adventure.

Now we’re looking forward to learning how to operate the Kitchen at its highest and best– a place that will sustain community, businesses and environment alike.   As I think about our goals for this year, I’m moved to thank all those that lead by example.  Governor Pat Quinn recently announced the 2009 Illinois Environmental Hero Awards. From across our city and state, these people are an inspiration, and fill me with hope about 2010. 

We hope that each day, we too will make a contribution in 2010– and live at once renewed and hopeful each day of the coming year.  Happy New Year, everyone!

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