I always have a renewed optimism this time of year.  A fresh start.  It doesn’t always serve me or the Kitchen, as I can turn into a nutcase racing to finish up projects before the big ball drops in Times Square.

But boy does it feel good to offload the big stuff. This week sees us finalizing our permanent financing for the Kitchen. (THANK YOU, Jim Eccher and Bob Briski of Old Second National Bank.) Our LEED certification is ready to submit, just waiting on some technical corrections from the USGBC.  We’ve started our search for a pr firm too.

The most exciting idea we’re exploring is a food artisan market, pastry and confection focused to happen regularly at the Kitchen.  We’re inviting potential vendors to the Kitchen in the first week of the new year to discuss how to create a fabulous local food happening that celebrates this wonderful food city.  Stay tuned…

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone.  At this time last year we had not begun construction on the Logan Square Kitchen, and here we are, being embraced by a community that inspires us.  I wish everyone peace and happiness this season and in the coming year.

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