Our friend Theresa from Studio One East asked me if we were going to bury a time capsule in our building. It had never occurred to me, but I immediately knew we had to do it. Thanks, T!

We put the time capsule in its home yesterday. Everyone who has been a part of the Kitchen has been invited to place items in it. My husband, Nick Murray wrote a wonderful story about the Kitchen and how it came to be.

The time capsule is a wonderful treasure trove that will show people so much about us. Who knows when it will be found, and what they will think about us.

Some of the items in the box include:
-music– vinyl, casette tape, CD, ipod
-media– Chicago Tribune, Sun Times, NY Times, Green Source building, magazines
-money–buffalo nickel, mercury dime, wheat straw penny
-books– “Comfortable with Uncertainty” — I could not have done this without it
-Chicago Honey Coop and the Earl Grey tea I drink each morning
-personal photos– weddings, family occasions, photos of the city
-info on companies involved in design, business cards

The capsule lives in a chamber that Drew, Brendan, Ben and Brett built under the stairs. It would probably only be discovered if the building were to come down. Who knows what people will think about our ‘state of the art’ kitchen many years from now.

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