Hi everyone, I’m Lindsay, Zina’s intern. Last friday I went to the space to see the beginning of construction. It’s very exciting and very messy! Part of the concrete floor of the future kitchen space was dug out leaving a giant hole. You could see the roof from the basement.

Despite the dust, the kitchen’s construction is very organized. Workers are recycling their waste, and the building is recycling or reusing about 90% of its demolition debris. We keep track of where our debris goes as part of the LEED certification process.

Our team is so creative and hardworking, I just can’t wait to see 2333 when construction is over. I met Brett and Ben, our contractors, Jeff, our engineer, Drew, our project Super and Brendan, our carpenter. I had met Jean, our architect, before, and was excited to see his sketches for Zina’s office area at LSK.

We keep finding interesting salvage for the kitchen, which is going to make the space really lovely and unique. We’ve got tons of doors, some old dressers, and the beautiful Rhonda got a makeover.

I also got to head over to the Chas.Bender warehouse to look through salvage for LSK. It was like a treasure chest full of interesting items. We found some tile and light fixtures that will probably end up in the space. Reusing and recycling is what its all about.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with more construction updates and photos.

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