2019 Festival Sanitation Classes: New class added Wednesday, May 29th, 6:30pm at Farm on Ogden, 3555 W Ogden.

Rogers Park Business Alliance, 1446 W Morse. Street Parking. Tuesday, March 5th. Morning class 9am, evening class 6pm.
St. Michael’s Parish Center, 1711 N Cleveland.  FREE parking.  Tuesdays, April 9th and 23rd, 6pm.

LSK teaches private classes. $500 minimum. (so, 10 students, $50 each). Email zina@logansquarekitchen.com or 773-550-9642.

2019 Festival Food Safety Training – PPT Slide Deck

Health Dept Festival Food Code Rules

2019 Chicago Special Events Resource Guide

2019 Chicago Special Events Permit Packet

Any business serving food at temporary outdoor events is required to have at least one worker with a Summer Festival Certificate in the booth at all times.  This class lasts 2.5 hours, there is no test. Training must be taken each year.  Note: Businesses that are exempt from this requirement are: Cooking food trucks, and food carts that dispense food.

To receive future announcements about festival training, email zina@logansquarekitchen.com with FESTIVAL in the subject line.

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