Our closing received so much more media attention than it would have if Mayor Emmanuel had not visited LSK just a couple of weeks before.  He was the victim of unfortunate timing.  The seeds of our closure were sown long before he became Mayor. 

Mayor Emmanuel gets it– so much more than Mayor Daley ever did. He’s smart, impatient, and inherited a royal mess. We appealed to Mayor Daley’s office more than once, never  aknowledged.  But I got a call from Mayor Emmanuel’s office about three months after he took office. A smart, compassionate staffer asked me to relate our experience.  The ordinance that the Mayor announced here is a great first step, and one that happened pretty quickly given how full the guy’s plate is.

I am grateful for all the Mayor does for our City.  Just having a guy that works hard for a full day every day is a huge upgrade. But he’s also very practical and understands the terrible obstacles everyday people experience in tough times like these. So many media accounts link his appearance here to our troubles, and nothing could be farther from the truth.  LSK is dedicated to making Chicago a better City, and we’re at his service.


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