CDPH Commissioner Choucair will visit Logan Square Kitchen on Tuesday, November 1st at 11:00am.  The visit will last about 45 minutes. He’ll take a brief tour of the place and have an informal discussion with food businesses.  Last but not least, he’ll present LSK with a corrected health inspection report that was the remedy we’ve sought since our punitive inspection on August 2nd. All great news!

The Commissioner’s walk will match his talk on Nov 1st– in my September 19th meeting with the Commissioner, he promised to work towards a system-wide solution for any business that contests a health violation and wins its judgement.  Effective immediately, any business that is found not-liable for its health code violations may request a clean, corrected inspection report for posting.  Great news for all food businesses in Chicago! 

My thanks to the Commissioner as a positive, tireless, solution oriented guy.  Thanks also go out to Deputy Commissioner Jose Munoz, who served as the point person on this effort. These guys saw a problem and said "we need a fix for everyone" and then he did it in less than a month.  The kind of government servants we should always get.  Thanks fellas!

The Dept of Business Affairs could take a lesson here.  We’ve spent two years on shared kitchen license issues, and they continue to be expensive and cumbersome– seemingly only serving the bureaucrats that adminster them.

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