As I write, Chefs are upstairs prepping a dinner that celebrates the rabbit.  This was what I dreamed would happen when we were designing and building LSK.  It’s an extra restaurant for chefs to use– cook with their friends, have underground dinners, play with their food– you get the idea.

So LSK is calling all chefs.  We’re offering Mondays and Tuesdays as Chefs’ Nights– come and use our facility for ten bucks a head.  Kumbaya, as Rick Tramonto said in Time Out Chicago this week.  This is the place for it.

Tonight, Stephanie Izard, Rick Gresh of Primehouse, and Guiseppe Tentori of Boka are cooking together.  It’s a blast to see friends having fun, celebrating with food and the ENERGY of the diners is off the hook.  To see this empty building filled with community– I get so choked up, I have to run down to the basement and gather myself. 


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