I am thrilled about the excitement surrounding our upcoming Pastry Market next Saturday.  It’s our first event we’re presenting to showcase Chicago food artisans, and I can’t wait!  These are beautiful products that are not widely available, and for one day, they will all be under one roof!

The variety of offerings is what is really striking to me.  From 10am-3pm on Saturday the 13th, you can grab a cup of coffee and an amazing muffin or croissant.  OR, buy a box of truffles or French macaroons as a gift to a loved one.  Order a wedding cake.  Have a warm quich while your child enjoys some hot chocolate.  

We have two artisan ice cream vendors that thankfully, sell in small containers!  The aroma of the tea merchant will be fighting with the smells coming from the kitchen, as people will be baking and bringing warm wonderfulness out periodically.

I’m getting goosebumps writing this.  As we all struggle in this tough economy, we can move through it with a little edible luxury that supports a neighbor in the same boat as us.  This is what I always dreamed would happen in the Kitchen.  Hope to meet you Saturday.

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