I haven’t been contributing much to the blog lately, and wondering why. I write a great deal about the building, green construction, and our event space and shared kitchen; but the work that any new business must undertake to open its doors is staggering. So here’s a behind the scenes, not so pretty list of items I’ve not mentioned before. They have required a great deal of time and consideration apart from design or construction over the past couple of months:

1.) Line up post-construction insurance policies
2.) Draft event space agreement – in review with attorney
3.) Draft kitchen client application and agreement – in review with attorney
4.) Select Design/Communications Firm
5.) Begin work on brand identity, logo, business cards, sign and website
6.) Close on second construction loan; review financial status/cash flow with banks
7.) Review budgets versus plan every few days.
8.) Select CPA firm, review accounting practices
9.) File application for Food Retail License with City of Chicago
10.) Acquire City and State Food Sanitation Certification (2-day class plus test)
11.) Interview waste haulers and recyclers
12.) Interview green cleaning system suppliers
13.) Select companies and plans for phone, internet
14.) Review LSK operating agreement
15.) Prepare LSK commercial lease
16.) Reach out to potential customers of our new business

I think this is why the earth is round; if we saw too far ahead, we’d never leave the house.

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