Living in the Great Lakes region, we’re spoiled by an abundance of fresh water. Growing up in Michigan, my childhood experience included every house on our block washing down its driveway with a hose every Saturday. I was in out of college before I could brush my teeth with the faucet turned off.

Water conservation was critical to us as we designed the Logan Square Kitchen. Our engineers have calculated that we’ll use 42% LESS water than a similar-size conventional facility. That huge reduction was accomplished with only a few items: low water dishwasher, low-water dual flush toilets and faucet inhibitors on bathroom sinks. That’s IT.

One item that doesn’t even enter into our water calculations is the amount of bottled water that will never be used. We’re installing charcoal filters on our drinking water and ice machine lines, so bottled water will never be trucked into an event.

Energy expended to bottle water is monumentally wasteful. I could go on and on, but an article in Fast Company magazine details it better than I ever could. We all make a difference, one drink at a time. Cheers!

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