Just as the USDA certifies organic food, the US Green Building Council certifies green building construction. Logan Square Kitchen was registered with the US Green Building Council at the onset its design process in January 2008.

From the beginning, we set our sights on a LEED Gold rating. We are closing in on the completion of the certification process, which will probably take about two years when all is complete.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Given the wide variety of building projects and thousands of choices in each, LEED certification consist of a menu, or checklist, of green building elements. LSK accrues points as various design and construction credits are met. The basic LEED rating is ‘certified’, and rises to silver, gold and platinum, as the total number of green credits increases.

LEED certification takes place in cyberspace-- we have a workroom in LEED online where we upload all drawings, engineering calculations and documentation. All submissions, notifications and rulings are provided to us in this virtual workplace. Here are the main steps in the LEED certification process, and when they unfolded for us:

Registration January 2008
Design Application March 2009
Design Review May 2009
Design Appeal & Review July 2009
Construction Application January 2010
Construction Appeal & Review February 2010
Certification May 2010 - LEED Gold, CI v2.0

We received our final notice that our LEED Gold certification was awarded on May 25, 2010.  It was about 2.5 years since we registered our project with USGBC.  While it's a long road, important achievements should be. 

We welcome the opportunity to hold ourselves accountable to our friends, neighbors and patrons. Thank you to everyone who made this achievement possible!