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Watch a video from our open house about our construction from EcoChicago.

Dedication to sustainabiity was a prerequisite in design team selection.  It took three months to find the the best team for the Kitchen project,  given its equirements: sustainability, old buiding renovation and the state-of-the-art commercial kitchen.

In our very first meeting with dbHMS, we reviewed LEED checklists to build our green design strategy.  Just as food is certified organic, sustainable construction projects are certified with a LEED rating.  It was important to us to demonstrate that we weren't just saying we were green, that our project really represented an exemplary business and construction model of sustainability.

So before anyone drew a box on a piece of paper, we discussed our strategies for sustainable design.  It included discussions on water conservation, energy efficiency, salvaged and recycled materials.  In the design and equipment specified, we achieved a marvelous results.  Here are just a few highlights:

  • Water conservation: 43% below standard
  • Lighting power use: 38% below standard
  • Energy star appliances: 100%
  • HVAC energy use: 30% below standard
  • Lumber certified by Forest Stewardship Council
  • Conservation of a classic Chicago 1913 mixed-use building

Initial schematic design took about three months; we spent the next seven months value-engineering and finding the right general contractor.  This was all taking place during the very dramatic backdrop of the banking industry meltdown in 2008.  Whew! 

Things I'd do differently? I would have the general contractor seated at the design table.  It would have saved us months and thousands.  I would also have the mechanical engineers on site more often during construction.  The best of this place came from team integration.  

I thank everyone who worked on the Logan Square Kitchen.  We have a thoughtful, soulful LEED Gold design of which we're all very proud.