Scientific & Technical References

  • 11/24: Mayo Clinic study shows critical benefits of masks and social distancing. Study is great news for back of house in tight quarters- if you’re all masked up (cover mouth AND nose) your risk is low. See chart showing percent risk based on masked and distance. 
  • 07/06: Silent spread of virus estimated to account for 50% of cases. LINK to Yale Study 
  • 04/15: People are most contagious right before, and at very start of symptoms. LINK to publication
  • Active virus persists longer on plastic than paper. Killed by heat. LINK to publication
  • When can an employee that has recovered return to work? CDC guidance for health care workers has most detail. Bottom line: 3 days free of fever with no fever-reducing medicine, AND 7 days from onset of symptoms.
  • Incubation periods vary. Median period is five days.- longest approx 14 days. So, a stealth virus, as people are contagious without symptoms.
  • German study says you are likely MOST contagious early, when no symptoms or early in their onset.
  • Quats IS an effective sanitizer for COVID-19. EPA List
  • Study indicates virus can survive on inanimate surfaces for up to 9 days.
  • Sister SARS is killed with heat (56C/133F), acid (pH<3), alkaline (pH>12)
  • Commissioner Arwady Twitter stream 3/22/20 says food is not a significant point of risk.  COVID-19 is a respiratory illness, meaning it has to make its way into your lungs. Eating food that might be contaminated goes into your stomach, does not make its way to your lungs. #askdrarwady on Twitter
  • COVID-19 “sheds” in feces of recovered people for some time.  Bathroom and hand sanitation is paramount.
  • FDA conference call 3/19/20 says sick employees could return to work after being symptom free for 3 DAYS.
  • FDA conference call 3/19/20 when asked if it’s legal to take employees’ temperature upon arrival for work, response was: for private businesses, consult their own counsel. LSK POV: I would ask for employee consent to take temperatures.
  • We have NO GUIDANCE on safe distancing for kitchen staff — who are typically in very close quarters.  Please share your practices with; I’ll be working on SOP’s to share with industry in the coming days.
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