Logan Square Kitchen works at the intersection of green buildings and food.  We customize pricing structures and payment terms to fit the project—hourly, lump sum fee, or monthly retainer.


Zina Murray is a HACCP plan writer and instructor, certified by the International HACCP Alliance. Services include HACCP plan writing, annual reviews, training, and regulatory submission and approval.

More specifics on the HACCP page.

Regulatory Compliance

Every level of our government has an impact on a food business, no matter how small. LSK understands requirements, and has relationships with State and Local Health Officials to constructively navigate your path. As an Illinois & Chicago Certified Food Safety Instructor and HACCP Instructor, Zina Murray can facilitate a credible discussion with health code regulators.

Some Examples

  • Facility review before Task Force or Health Dept Inspections
  • Production review for employee food safety practices
  • Floor plan review in schematic design phase for Health Dept & Buildings compliance
  • Facility approval from State and Local Health Dept’s
  • Business Licensing (call us first!)


Advisor, consultant, mentor, coach– pick the term for the services Zina Murray provides to small food businesses. When we operated our shared kitchen, we found ourselves advising our clients– naturally, our success was aligned with theirs.

You can request a single meeting for a fee of $175/hour, two hour minimum.

Examples of services include

  • Building/site/facility evaluation
  • Facility remodels/retrofits
  • Practice Health Inspections
  • Licensing, Chicago, State of Illinois
  • Health Code Regulations
  • Food Safety Procedures/SOP’s
  • Specialized training


Logan Square Kitchen provides technical assistance for renovation or building of food facilities. LSK can fulfill role of Owner’s Representative, Project Manager, or Consultant. Services can be customized to any aspects from start of design, construction, and operations. Budget tracking, timeline management, contract review and negotiation, value engineering, equipment purchase & installation are some examples.

You can see examples of projects under our Building Kitchens section.

Business Licensing

How and when you apply for required food licenses has become a strategic step in your business decision-making. Getting guidance before you speak with regulators will save you time, money and hours of sleep. Regulatory enforcement and priorities are always changing, so how and when you apply is critical. Fees are $175 per hour, two hour minimum.


Meeting code is the first layer of great kitchen design. Understanding how workers use a kitchen, and how to produce safe food efficiently directly impacts your profitability.. We facilitate Health Department reviews that may be required before construction. (Note: Plan review is not required in City of Chicago, it’s optional. We do not recommend you submit plans to CDPH at this time.) We are happy to assist in design, review plans, suggest architects, kitchen equipment design engineers and other professionals. We can provide kitchen drawings for construction; we contract with trusted engineering professionals to provide them. We do not provide stamped architectural drawings that will be required to secure a construction permit.

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