Start Cooking

Attention all outdoor market and festival food vendors:  LSK is now offering Festival Sanitation Classes, required by City for all temporary outdoor food operations. 

Click here for class schedule and registration. More dates coming soon.


  • Tours are open to anyone that has a food sanitation certificate or has taken the course.
  • Tours are given once a month, one Tuesday at 11am and a Wednesday at 6pm. You must reserve a slot on a tour in advance.  Email with your name and cell #, and we'll reply with a confirmation.
  • Next tours: Tues, May 22nd @ 11am, Wed, May 23rd @ 6pm
  • You may bring your application materials to the tour and sign up right away


  • Completed LSK Kitchen Application (2-pager)
  • $150 application fee, non-refundable
  • Valid Chicago and Illinois food sanitation certificates, not your ServSafe certificate. The certificates look like this. You must have CITY AND STATE certs to work here.
  • Liability insurance certificate naming "Logan Square Markets, LLC, dba Logan Square Kitchen, 2748 N. Troy St., Chicago, IL  60647" as an additional insured
  • Farmer's Market vendors bring letter/email of acceptance from market manager
  • Bring ALL these items to LSK for an in-person meeting, and sign a Kitchen Agreement with Zina. An agreement will not be signed without all items.
  • Once agreement is signed, LSK provides "letter of intent" needed to secure biz license in City Hall.


  • If you plan to make LSK your production facility, you must apply for a business license with City of Chicago
  • Fee:  $330 for 2-year "Shared Kitchen User License"
  • Exceptions:  Farmer's Market Vendors or businesses that are licensed elsewhere.
  • IMPORTANT: apply  in person, NOT online, Dept. of Business Affairs, City Hall, Room 800
  • If possible, take your attorney with you. They don't need to say a word, but having them present will insure a smooth visit.
  • Be sure to bring menu, recipes, labels and packaging.  You may or may not be asked to provide these items.  Only supply what is requested.  It's impossible to predict what you'll need, so take it all to prevent another visit.

Reserving Time in Our Kitchen

  • Available hours are Mon-Sun 6a-mid. Overnights considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Check online kitchen schedule
  • Email  your reservation to or call 773-342-2333.
  • We email confirmation, and you see your reservation online
  • One-time users billed at the time of use; regular clients billed monthly
  • Cancellation fee: 50% of reserved shift if cancelled within 5 days or less
  • Note: default view of calendar is whole month; if you want to see start/stop times, click on individual day
  • Dining room galley is included in the evening event space rental; if no events are booked, dining room galley is available to rent on its own


Submit completed application, agreement, sanitation certificate, and insurance certificate to Zina Murray via: Email | Fax | 773 342 2335