Food Entrepreneurs

Advisor, consultant, mentor, coach-- pick the term for the services Zina Murray provides to small food businesses.  When we operated our shared kitchen, we found ourselves advising our clients-- naturally, our success was aligned with theirs.  So we continue to offer advisory services.  Examples include:

Practice Health Inspections
Licensing, Chicago, State of Illinois, or both
Health Code Regulations - labels, wholesale, facilities
Strategy- pro's/con's of various business options
Financial analysis, goals, reporting/intelligence
Real Estate evaluation & assessment
Specialized training

You may hire Zina by the hour, day or project. Rate for one-time projects is $175/hour, two hour minimum.  This can cover getting your license app ready, reviewing facility you're considering leasing, questions on starting your business.  Complete with resources and references of how to get it all done.

Contact for pricing.