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The Mayor, LSK and Biz License Reform

Having the Mayor visit us was a surreal experience.  There's so much energy around him-- security, personal aides, communications folks-- then Alderman, staff working on whatever he's announcing, TV, press, the public-- jockeying for attention.  All this energy swirls around, and there's the Mayor at the center of it-- calm and charming.  As personable as he is, you can't help but have that "OMG-I'm-talking-to-THE-MAYOR-feeling."

Speaking Up

The Chicago Reader is publishing a story this week. It relates Logan Square Kitchen's terrible difficulties in the bureaucracy of City Hall over the past year.  It was not an easy decision, to decide to speak to the press.  For the past year, every attorney has advised me to keep quiet, for fear of retailiatory action by the City.  So this time, I didn't ask.

LSK Chefs' Night

As I write, Chefs are upstairs prepping a dinner that celebrates the rabbit.  This was what I dreamed would happen when we were designing and building LSK.  It's an extra restaurant for chefs to use-- cook with their friends, have underground dinners, play with their food-- you get the idea.

So LSK is calling all chefs.  We're offering Mondays and Tuesdays as Chefs' Nights-- come and use our facility for ten bucks a head.  Kumbaya, as Rick Tramonto said in Time Out Chicago this week.  This is the place for it.

LEED Construction Credits Submitted!

Finally! Today we successfully submitted our final documentation for our LEED construction credits.  This process began over two years ago.  This photo of our wall of doors is one of the most recognizable sustainable features of our building.  All rescued from landfill, they are a stunning example of 'one man's trash is another man's treasure.'

Chicago's New Green Wedding Venue

How great is it to have a job where you have the honor of helping people celebrate for a living?  We have brides and grooms checking out our space for celebrations.  Some find us because they are interested in a sustainable space, others for the hip urban feel. 

Go Pickle People!

We're anxiously awaiting the opening of the Dill Pickle Food Coop right around the corner from our Kitchen on West Fullerton.  When it opens this fall, it will be Chicago's only food coop!  It's an amazing achievement, and with hundreds of members already (count us among them) it's sure to be a smashing success.

You do not have to be a member to shop at this soon-to-be-very-cool grocery, but as a members' owned grocery, you'll find a thoughtfulness and care that makes for a great experience.

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