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Strengthening Our Local Food Supply

As we build a kitchen to serve food producers and entrepreneurs, I'm seeing the dangerous ground on which our food supply rests in Illinois. We are a state of rich farmland, yet we import 95% of the food we eat, sending our hard-earned money out of state-- $48 BILLION annually.

Fortunately we have terrific people hard at work to change this, to transform our food system into a healthy, more secure and more prosperous one.

Steel Rising

Construction Continues...

Hello everybody, Lindsay here again.  I wanted to update everyone on LSK's construction.  I visited the space last friday, and a lot of progress has been made over the last month.  A new concrete floor has been poured into the kitchen space, filling in that giant hole from my previous post.  Also the wall between the front dining room and the kitchen is up.

Water, Water Everywhere...

Living in the Great Lakes region, we're spoiled by an abundance of fresh water. Growing up in Michigan, my childhood experience included every house on our block washing down its driveway with a hose every Saturday. I was in out of college before I could brush my teeth with the faucet turned off.

LEED Design Review Submitted--Hoorah!

This is a milestone in our work to achieve certification from the US Green Building Council. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design; it's the government standard used to certify how 'green' a construction project is. We are submitting a checklist of items our team achieved during the design phase of the project for review. It represents 25 of the 38 credits we're attempting to achieve a LEED Gold rating. Gold is second highest rating you can achieve on the LEED scale.

A kitchen with a giant hole in the floor

Hi everyone, I'm Lindsay, Zina's intern. Last friday I went to the space to see the beginning of construction. It's very exciting and very messy! Part of the concrete floor of the future kitchen space was dug out leaving a giant hole. You could see the roof from the basement.

Jeff Carlin, Kitchen Designer Extraordinaire

Dumpster diving

Okay, this story would never come together if we didn't live in the same neighborhood as the Kitchen. My neighbor calls to tell me there are two old pocket doors sticking out of a dumpster on Logan Boulevard. Who throws away beautiful old doors? Sooooo many people that we have salvaged about 60 so far.

What makes a kitchen GREEN?

What a great question, from my friend Stephanie Merello of Tinycakes. Logan Square Kitchen endeavors to tread as lightly as possible on the earth, always. That means making as many sustainable choices as we can during building design, construction and after our doors open.

We are starting construction today, and that means demolition. During this period, here are some green highlights:
  • dismantle wood elements and reuse lumber on site
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