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Rhonda and the big green door

Rhonda was put up outside the front entrance to Logan Square Kitchen this week. She will be next to the big, green front door shown below.

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Gorgeous Storefront

Our custom storefront was stained a rich brown this week, with red and gold hues.

Arts Fest Friday-Sunday

This weekend is the first Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival in Logan Square! We had hoped to participate, so we'll have to say, "wait 'till next year!" So many terrific businesses and artists are opening working together to give us all a great weekend.

Check out the Map of Exhibitions and come to Logan Square for a happening.

Dining Room + Basement Update

The dining room of Logan Square Kitchen is coming along. The wall of doors is being refinished this week and the new ceiling was framed out.

Our Time Capsule

Our friend Theresa from Studio One East asked me if we were going to bury a time capsule in our building. It had never occurred to me, but I immediately knew we had to do it. Thanks, T!

Storefront Rising

More Kitchen Equipment and a New Look for the Storefront

Our convection ovens, hand sinks, freezer, ranges and mixers were delivered this week.

Entrepreneurial Startup

I haven't been contributing much to the blog lately, and wondering why. I write a great deal about the building, green construction, and our event space and shared kitchen; but the work that any new business must undertake to open its doors is staggering. So here's a behind the scenes, not so pretty list of items I've not mentioned before. They have required a great deal of time and consideration apart from design or construction over the past couple of months:

1.) Line up post-construction insurance policies
2.) Draft event space agreement - in review with attorney

Kitchen Equipment Arrives

Stainless steel prep tables and our high temp/low water dishwasher were delivered to the kitchen today. Other big equipment, including our convection ovens and ranges, will be in next week.
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