LSK in Court Today fighting baseless violations

Logan Square Kitchen will be appearing at the Administrative Hearings Building, 400 W. Superior St., Room 107 at 1pm today in response to a Health Dept violation issued August 2, 2011.  Here's our submission to the City of Chicago Law Dept. and Administrative Hearings Judge. 

This issue is much larger than LSK; it's about harrassment of small food businesses.  Businesses that as of last week are able operate legally in private homes, without inspections in the rest of Illinois. (Gov. Quinn signed the IL Cottage Food Bill last week.)

And, most importantly, how Health Dept. resources are being allocated in a way that creates more risk instead of reducing it.  How many people got sick this year in restaurants that were not inspected in a timely manner, while we were inspected 11 times in 8 months?

In the next few days, I'll post a petition that offers Chicago 5 simple steps to improve public health.  Stay tuned, and I hope you'll join me in making everyone in Chicago safer!