About Us

We’re Zina and Nick Murray, long-time Logan Square residents that love good food. The Logan Square Kitchen was a business that was never a big fat idea…it slowly unfolded over a three-year period.

2006, we had grocery stores closing and tried attracting new ones to the neighborhood. No soap. So we thought, let’s do it ourselves, and submitted a proposal to City planners for an indoor, year-round market. Just like the magnificent venues you find in Europe and South America, it would be filled with local food businesses operating under one roof.

When we realized the Logan Square Market could not be realized for many years, we thought, let’s start small. A kitchen and gathering space was always part of the Market, so the Logan Square Kitchen came about in a little vacant, foreclosed storefront.

Sustainability became a personal necessity when a health scare left Zina learning that to get well, she needed to detox. As we discovered how quickly you can clean toxins from the body, so we found cleaning toxins out of our homes, businesses and surrounding environments is not so difficult or expensive as one might think. Logan Square is a neighborhood passionate about local food and sustainability; we’re honored to be a part of this community.