Finding the Money

As the designers work, I need to figure out a sound financial foundation for the Kitchen. Small projects are more difficult to fund, since they have fees to professionals-- lawyers, architects, engineers, accountants-- that are the same whether your building is big or small.

The Kitchen address is 2333 N. Milwaukee, located in the Fullerton/Milwaukee TIF district. These are areas the City of Chicago has targeted for money set aside to revitalize commercial areas of neighborhoods. This week I complete a TIF application, which is a lot of brain damage if you ask me. I don't think it should be easy to get assistance, but I'm already feeling this process favors the big projects with lawyers on retainer. When you're one person with a dream, it gets a bit harder.

But I have a meeting with the Dept. of Planning folks to review my project and application, so I'm working late to prepare and look forward to some meaningful financial assistance. I spoke to my Alderman before we purchased this building and I'm optimistic we'll get the help we need.